sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012


Hi people of the internet this is another post from ONEPIECETDD.Ok in this post were going to talk about luffys crew THE STRAW HAT PIRATES, ok the first member is Ussop also known as the sniper man because he has a slingshot and an eye of a hawk.He is  the talanted scuptor and  inventor.The next character is Tony tony chopper also known  as the cotton candy lover he has the ability to talk like a human and absorbe  more than 3 forms.Next person Sanji the cook of the crew also known as the black leged man.he will refuse somebody a meal,he has strong chivalry 
becuse he will never kill a woman.Nexttttt!!!,Zoro the sword master  first he wanted to be the pirate hunter but then he joined  luffis crew and decided to be the worlds greatest swordsman so now hes the swordsman.Now Nico robin the devil girl shes an archeologist from the oldes and largest library ever.Now Nami the cews
navigator she was foung on an island when  luffy fell from the sky.And now Frankyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
he is actually a cyborg he joins the crew at the grand line 7.And finally Brook nickname dead bones hes the musician of the crew hes a live dead man because he ate the dead or alive devils fruit.Ok and all from ONEPIEETDD

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